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Club NEON has a rich history that spans yesterday, today, and always.
It is a brand that values tradition and innovation in the mass catering industry. The company provides catering services for restaurants, cafes, and event planning.


Our core value and fundamental principle is to ensure the quality of our products and services based on the latest requirements and trends of the industry.
Our years of experience, know-how, and continuous modernization of our resources help us successfully execute every necessary procedure to achieve our goal. We strive for continuous development and improvement of our products, which not only motivates us but is also our goal.
Our vision is to offer our customers an exceptional taste experience that is worthy of our long-standing history and name. We believe in building trustworthy relationships with our customers and aspire to become the best version of ourselves.


Club Neon Catering provides catering services to both public and private entities every day. Our services adhere to the strict health standards set by the legislation and international certification standards that we apply.
We are always by your side during moments of symbolic value and ensure that every event we organize is successful, with high aesthetics, professionalism, consistency, and a corresponding sense of responsibility.
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Club Neon Catering's production unit is well organized and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for the production and distribution of high-quality meals while considering environmental concerns. Our fleet of vehicles is constantly renewed to include those that are suitable for the transportation of food with low carbon dioxide emissions.

Human Resources

Our people are of utmost importance to us as they are the essence of our company. We take pride in working with people who share the same values, passion, and vision that we have.
Investing in our employees is a top priority for us, as we believe it is the key to achieving our goals. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who receive ongoing training and education in all the necessary skills.
Teamwork is a compass on the road to success. We strive to provide a balanced and pleasant working environment for our team, and we take into account both their needs and the market's needs.

Quality Assurance

Club Neon Catering has certifications based on the international standards it applies, among others, to ensure quality in the production of meals, the safety of personnel in the workplace, and environmental management.

In particular, we are certified by :
ISO 22000: Food Safety
ISO 9001: Quality Management
ISO 45000 : Safety at Work
ISO 14000 : Environmental Management
ISO 22005 : Traceability Management System

The application of quality standards is certified by accredited bodies.

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Corporate - Social responsibility

Based on respect for people, society, and the environment, we take action and implement social responsibility practices and initiatives with the aim of improving everyone's living conditions.
  • $ 100 monthly
  • άνθρωποι

      • – Respect for human and labor rights
      • – Equal treatment and opportunities in the working environment without social discrimination
      • – Excellent working conditions
      • – Continuous education and training
      • – Merit-based evaluation and reward
      • – Implementation of a health and safety management system at work, Certified under the international standard ISO 45001
  • $ 100 monthly
  • περιβάλλον

      • – Upgrading production machinery to save energy
      • – Recycling of paper, plastic and metal materials
      • – Management and Recycling of organic waste
      • – Use of renewable energy sources
      • – Vehicle fleet renewal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
      • – Implementation of an Environmental Management System certified under the international standard ISO 14001
  • $ 100 monthly
  • κοινωνία

    Selfless giving with a sense of solidarity to charities:

      • – The smile of the child
      • – Efthimeio Centre of Corinth
      • – Hellenic Red Cross

    We selflessly stand next to the security bodies (Fire Department & Greek Police) as well as their volunteers, providing all possible help. This includes providing meals and supplies in cases of emergencies such as fires during the summer months.

“They honor us with their trust”